Boone County Chamber of Commerce  

Major Employers

  Case New Holland/Cat Logistics
  Pearson education
  Witham Memorial Hospital
  Hachette Book Group
  Hendrickson Suspension Systems
  Prairie Industries
  Kauffman Engineering
  Gander Mountain
  Valenti Held

An area’s labor force employment is a count of employed persons by residence, whereas industry employment is a job count by work site. In addition, a person may hold multiple jobs and each job is counted in industry employment.

In 2006, Boone County businesses had an average of 18,062 jobs. Three major industry sectors: Government, Manufacturing, Construction dominated the county in terms of employment. These three industry sectors accounted for 41.1 percent of the county’s 2006 industry employment. The largest employing industry in the county was Government with 2,878 jobs, accounting for 15.9 percent of total employment. Manufacturing was second with 2,373 jobs and 13.1 percent of total employment.

Total covered employment increased by 2,872 jobs or 18.91 percent between 2002 and 2006. Administration and Waste Services showed the most job growth between 2002 and 2006, increasing 483 jobs or 54.33 percent. Transportation and Warehousing was second, adding 455 jobs or 49.95 percent. Utilities had the largest percentage gain at 280.49 percent.

Source: Indiana Department of Workforce Development, as of June 29, 2007.


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