Retention & Expansion

Retention & Expansion
The Boone County Chamber of Commerce supports all businesses in Boone County. We fully recognize that existing businesses are our best source of new jobs and economic growth. We will work with you to help identify issues or concerns to connect your business to the necessary resources.

Business Counseling is available at the Boone County Chamber of Commerce through the Central Indiana Small Business Development Center.  SBDC counselors can meet individually with business owners or aspiring entrepreneurs to discuss topics such as business feasibility, business start-up, marketing, management, business planning, financing a new or growing business, and many other aspects of starting or running a successful small business.  Appointments are confidential and at no cost to the client.

For more information about SBDC counseling, or to schedule an appointment with an SBDC counselor, please contact the Boone County Chamber at or call (765) 482-1320.

Other Resources:
  Indiana Economic Development Corporation 
  Information Warehouse 
  Commercial Real Estate Online 

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact the Chamber at